Transition from Religion to Spirituality  

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My Journey: A quick look

     There was a time that I would have never imagined that my life would have taken the turn that it did. I can still remember sitting in the pew of my Catholic church saying my prayers. But when my brother got sick and passed away, I started to see things differently. I went from a devoted Catholic, to feeling very lost and confused. Out of nowhere, I suddenly felt the need to dig deeper and understand rather than just sitting and listening in church.

     Over a two year period I researched and studied any thing and everything I could get my hands on. Finally, I realized that I didn’t need to sit in church to feel spiritual. Just sitting in my quiet back yard staring into the trees suddenly made me feel more spiritual than ever before. I was reconnecting with reality, connecting to the divine, which I learned are one in the same.

     Everyone’s spiritual journey will be special and all their own. You are your own decision maker. Whatever makes your heart and soul feel peaceful is what will be right for you. I am going to give you five tips to help make your journey a little easier. I know that they helped me through my journey and have led me to a place of peace.

  1. Begin your journey for yourself.  You are a special person and have your very own character. Use your special gifts such as love, empathy, patience as your foundation. Start your spiritual journey with whatever it is that makes your heart feel peaceful. You must be the one to take that step if you chose. This is YOUR journey.
  1. Do your own research.  Don’t just take someone’s word for it. Go to libraries or a bookstore and do your own research. I found a lot of helpful books in the metaphysical section of Half Price books. Their books are slightly used, but worth every penny. Youtube also has a lot of spiritual teachers with free videos to use as a starting point.


  1. Meditate.  Meditation was something that helped me through a lot of my journey. In my How to Begin Meditation article I explain three easy tips on how to begin your meditation practice. Sometimes just sitting in solitude will help to clear your mind of the everyday jumble and help guide you in the direction you need.


  1. Look to the Divine for help.  By “the Divine” I mean the higher being. To you it could be a God, a Goddess, Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc. Ask for that higher being to give you guidance into the right direction for you to find inner peace.


  1. Don’t fear the judgement you may receive.  When I first began my journey, I was afraid of being judged by my family and friends. I only told my close family what I was feeling and what I was studying. Then I realized, this is MY life and I have to live it in the way that will give me peace. So claim YOUR Life. Do what you need to find that sense of peace that your heart and soul are searching for.

     As you voyage on this journey to find spirituality that makes you feel happy and at peace with yourself, there will be obstacles. Don’t let those obstacles stop you. Embrace them and use them as motivation to keep digging deeper in search of your fabulously blissful life! I would love to hear your spiritual journey and what has helped you. Please comment in the comment section and maybe together we can help someone else find their path to spirituality.

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