The Two Most Powerful Words:


“I AM”  are two powerful words that go beyond all dimensions. The words “I AM” go much deeper than our minds can comprehend. When you use the words “I AM,”  your soul becomes identified with the truth at the very core of our consciousness where all creation originates. In a place beyond our limited human perception. This is the root of The Law of Attraction. When you speak the words “I AM,” cosmic law must identify you and with that action. We take on the reality we proclaim for ourselves. These words are a very powerful alchemy. You can  use these words to your advantage. Here is a list of 10 positive affirmations using the words “I AM.”

  1.  I AM confident.
  2. I AM prosperous and peaceful.
  3. I AM happy.
  4. I AM aware and awake.
  5. I AM worthy.
  6. I AM kind to myself and others.
  7. I AM loved.
  8. I AM abundant.
  9. I AM blessed.
  10. I AM grateful.

If you use these ten positive “I AM” affirmations daily, your days will be filled with more peace and bliss.

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