How Abundance and Gratitude Go Hand in Hand

     Have you ever wondered why some people are rich with money and yet poor in their heart? And then wonder why someone with little money can have the happiest, richest heart? Those are good questions to some! But the answer is relatively easy.

    The difference between someone who has Abundance in their lives and someone who doesn’t, is gratitude. And I don’t mean proper manners and simply saying please and thank you. What I mean by “gratitude” is being truly grateful for everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING in your life. When you are grateful for everything, you will naturally attract more to be thankful for. I speak of this, because it has happened to me. The more I am thankful for, the more I receive. Although, they may be small blessings, I do receive more in my day to day life to be truly grateful for.

        I know that sometimes gratitude is hard to feel, especially when we are sometimes overwhelmed with struggles in our day to day lives. It sometimes may feel that the universe is against us and we are getting the short end of the stick. So here is something that may help you fill your heart with more gratitude.

        Create a Gratitude Diary. It will help you to see all the abundances that are already flowing into your life that you may not even realize are there. Here’s what you do: in your Gratitude Diary, you will write down everything you are given throughout the day. It can be something as simple as a word of praise to a kiss on the cheek. It could also be something negative like an argument with a co-worker. The challenge to this would be to turn that negative argument into a positive blessing. I would look at this situation as now knowing where that co-worker stands or how they feel about the certain issue. I know that will be the hardest part. But, at the end of the day…read your blessing to yourself and you will realize that you DO have a lot to be grateful for. When you feel this gratitude, you will let the universe know, you are ready to receive more abundance to be grateful for.

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