Am I an Empath? Seven Clues

     For the longest time, I had no idea why I would feel the things I felt around people or why it was so easy to connect with them. It was as if I could feel what they were feeling and think what or how they were thinking. Almost as if we were connected at the soul, I could easily feel with them. I didn’t realize that I was actually an empath. And at the time, I didn’t even know what an empath was. So for those of you that don’t know what an empath is…an empath is a person with the ability to feel the mental or emotional state of another person. An empath can easily pick up on another person’s energy. I made a quick list of seven clues that you or someone you know might just be an empath.

  1. An empath can feel others emotions and take them on as if they were their own emotions. This is a major characteristic of empaths. Some empaths may feel emotions of those near by and some will feel emotions from those a that are not so close, or both. The more attuned an empath is, he or she can even tell if someone is thinking bad thoughts about them.
  1. It is unbearable to watch violent TV shows or movies. Or even sad, tear jerking movies. This one is really bad for me. I can not watch a violent show without becoming physically ill. I have stopped watching TV for the most part.
  1. This is another major one for me. When an empath witnesses someone being bullied or suffering in some way or another because of someone else, they will quickly give that person their full attention and compassion. Empaths have a big heart for the underdog.
  1. A BIG need for solitude. An empath will feel as if they are losing their mind  if they don’t get some quiet time. Being in a quiet backyard or out and alone with nature is always helpful.
  1. Another big clue is loving freedom, loving to travel and having adventures. An empath is a free spirit.
  1. Empaths are wonderful listeners. An empath loves to learn and know more about others. Emaths genuinely care about others and are very willing to listen for long hours. Empaths don’t really talk about themselves too much.
  1. When an empath is in a crowded, public place they can quickly feel overwhelmed and exhausted. They can begin to feel a big mix of emotions all at one causing them to feel total exhaustion. Empaths tend to avoid such situations.

     There are definitely many more clues that you may be an empath. I just listed a few here that seem to relate to myself and other empaths that I personally know. If you answered yes to at least five of these characteristics or clues…then you are more than likely an empath. 

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