Is Reiki For Everyone?

    I had a person ask me an interesting question earlier today. She was concerned with Reiki interfering with her Christianity. She wondered how they tied together or if they even did. I honestly had never thought about that. But reflecting on it, I am sure that a lot of people have the same interesting question. My response to her was that Reiki is for everyone and being that she was a Christian, she could simply call on Jesus to help work through her and help her with the healing. That was my best answer to give her. And looking back, I think it was an great answer, but I decided to do some more research on the topic. I wanted more information so that if anyone else asked me about it…I’d would have a clear, true response. Here is what I found.

   Reiki is not a religion and its not a belief system. Although Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki was a Buddhist. He never intended for it to become part of the Buddhist religion. Usui had respect for all beings, no matter their religion or beliefs. There is nothing evil or dark about Reiki.

   Reiki is a way of increasing and healing your life force energy. It is a treatment that will help with stress reduction and healing of your own body. A practitioner that has been attuned to Reiki will simply place their hands on you and channel life force energy through you, giving you a warm, relaxing feeling. It is very simple to learn and practice. Reiki is a gift within all of us. We simply need to be attuned to it. Once attuned…it’s like turning on the “switch” within ourselves.

   Reiki is for everyone of all religions, belief systems, and from all over the world. It is something that can help you and your body. It can and will help you connect with the Universe, God, Jesus, or any life force that you trust in.

   I am currently in the works of putting together a Reiki program to help others to learn Reiki so that  they can treat themselves and their families. I am so excited about this journey and I hope that you will join me when the time comes! Namaste

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