How Meditation Creates A Better Quality of Life

I work full time as a teacher and my day gets pretty stressful, if not overwhelming at times. But from my own research and practice, I discovered that meditation not only can reduce stress, it can totally eliminate it. I decided to research it a little further to see what else meditation can help with. Here is what I found.

Meditation is great for reducing stress and anxiety. This is my personal favorite because I am living proof. Each evening when I am done with the chores around the house and everything is winding down, I go sit outside and quiet my mind for about 15 to 20 minutes. I think about nothing, but just listen to the sounds of the wind and my breath. Afterwards, I am like new. It kind of feels like I am recharging my batteries.

Improves your focus and attention. As I said before, I am a teacher. My schedule at school is kind of hectic. Each afternoon after PE, my kids are expected to come in, and start learning math immediately. I read a lot about teaching mindfulness to children, so this year I gave it a shot. Now every afternoon after PE, my students come in, sit criss cross on the carpet, put the hands on their laps and quiet their little minds.  What I found is that not only are they more focused on what we are learning, but they are also a lot calmer. I wish that all children were allowed to practice mindfulness meditation.

Improves self awareness. When you begin meditation, you begin to connect with your true self, not the self that the world around you wants or expects you to be. You become more aware of your thoughts when your mind is quiet from the noisy busy world around you.

Improves your mood and sense of well being. Sometimes, this busy world around us can be very frustrating. Our jobs, our drive home, our demanding home life, all contributes to the frustration.  It can often put us in a bad mood. When we quiet our minds for at least 20 minutes a day, we lose that frustration. I am not saying that our troubles will melt away, but the frustration of them seems to fade. You will sense a feeling of well being and peace after you meditate.

That is just a little snippet of information that I found about meditation. It is great not only for adults, but for children as well. Meditation has helped me and my body so much since I began practicing it. I am so very grateful that I began meditating when I did. Namaste.

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