How Nature Can Help Us

   There are times in our life when we feel really stressed or just plain drained. I have found for myself that walking outside in nature can relieve stress and mental anxiety. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful back yard with lots of large trees. When I get to feeling stressed, I can simply go outside and meditate, or just sit in my quiet back yard and listen to the sounds of nature. My niece and her daughters on the other hand, don’t have a backyard so they go sit by the beach or take a walk in a quiet park to recharge their mental energy. Even just simply being around trees can help. Here are a few ways that being out in nature can help us live better.

Relief from everyday stress. A simple walk in nature can do wonders for relieving stress. Walking and just being out in nature can give you a sense of well being. You can feel better emotionally, reduce your blood pressure and reduce your levels of cortisol. So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a quiet walk in nature to feel better.

Restore mental energy. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we spend a lot of our time closed in doors working with very little time off. We have little time to walk outdoors and smell fresh outdoor air.  But, we need to restore our mental energy. And one absolute way that we can do that is by spending some time outdoors. We can either go for a walk, just sit out in our backyard, or visit a park that is quiet. Doing this can help you to restore your mental energy.

Improve concentration and Focus. Our work weary brains need time to rest. We need to take a break from the rush in our lives so that we can restore our focus and concentration and be more productive at our jobs. Even just five minutes around trees or in nature can help your mental health by giving the cognitive portion of our brain a break. It can renew our focus ability and our patience.

Boost your immune system. Being out in nature reduces our fight or flight response to stress, which in return helps the immune system to recharge itself naturally. Sitting in nature can improve our mood and help our bodies to feel healthier. Nature is like our bodies very own free multivitamin to help our immune systems to stay healthy.

   There are many more ways that nature can help us live happier, healthier lives. These are only a few of my favorite and most important reasons to get out there. Just give it a try and I can bet that you will feel relief from your everyday stress. I hope that this blog post will motivate you to get out into the great outdoors and live a much happier life. Namaste.

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